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Monthly Archives: August 2014


All images are Copyright (c) 2014 Gordon Education Initiatives for the Performing Arts, Take the Stage

Photos credit: Kristine Canterbury

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Tuesday was a really fun day.  We recorded the theme song!

We were were joined by the lovely young composer, Daizha, who wrote the song and who just happens to be 9 years old. Hanry Darragh’s lent his amazing musical artistry and composition skills and helped sculpt this diamond of a song into an incredible arrangement of musicians at Sugarhill Recording Studio.

Thank you to the talented musicians and the staff at Sugarhill Recording Studio..  Here are some photos from Tuesday’s session:

GJB_5413GJB_5519 GJB_5515 GJB_5471GJB_5538 GJB_5449 GJB_5473 GJB_5415 GJB_5409GJB_5588


All photos are copyright 2014  Gordon Education Initiatives for the Performing Arts, Take the Stage

GJB_5227 GJB_5229 GJB_5244 GJB_5254 GJB_5259 GJB_5260 GJB_5261 GJB_5262 GJB_5263 GJB_5287 GJB_5292 GJB_5297 GJB_5302 GJB_5304 GJB_5247

This has been an amazing 1st week  of rehearsals.  The kids are so smart, interesting, talented and genuinely kind. The parents are supportive.  And, we have a dedicated team of production assistants who have been tremendous in the rehearsal process.  We’re blessed.

We did have a nice surprise this week.  There was this girl who didn’t make it into the cast of the show, but she got so inspired that she wrote a song for the TV show anyway!  The song is so good, we’re using it.  We record at Sugarhill Recording Studios next Tuesday.  Here is a photo of us learning the song with the composer/lyricist on the right.



10 days til filming begins!