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Monthly Archives: September 2019

We attended the Houston Arts Partners conference last weekend.  We actually only signed up for it a week before and through some sort of luck, we got it together in time, made 500 brochures, a sign, and decked out our station.  Houston Public Media donated their booth to us (thanks HPM!) But, the fun of this was chatting with teachers who are interested in using Take the Stage.

Organizing this is no small task when you have hundreds of people, keynote speakers, and everything else involved.  Troy Scheid brought all of these forces together which is pretty amazing.

From the HAP website,
“The Houston Arts Partners collaboration was created in response to a specific request from Houston area education administrators for a more efficient and effective method to access arts educational resources in Houston. Young Audiences of Houston convened fine arts administrators and arts organization administrators to collectively tackle broad arts education issues. These founding partners of Houston Arts Partners were mobilized into collaborative working committees, and by creating a unique partnership that would provide the level of service educators and administrators of Houston were requesting.”